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Updated version of POF 310 (Field verification for in-line inspection) available

A POF working group has updated the POF 310 document (Field verification for in-line inspection) and I am pleased to inform you that this updated version was recently uploaded onto the POF website: POF 310 Field verification for in-line inspection - Dec 2023.pdf...
Posted on 2023-12-21 06:16

Numbering of POF documents

The Pipeline Operators Forum (POF) has been gradually developing and issuing documents on pipeline integrity. To help identify and refer to a particular document, POF has now introduced a document numbering system. Three types of documents are issued by POF: standard practices, recommended practices, and technical reports. The POF 100 series covers standard practices, POF 300 series covers recommended practices and POF 500 series covers technical reports. As an example, the well-known...
Posted on 2021-12-09 03:21

New version of POF specs

A new version of the well-known “Specifications and requirements for in-line inspection of pipelines” is now available in the “Public documents” part of the POF website. This 2021 version supersedes the 2016 version of this standard practice document. It has been fully updated based on input from both POF members and ILI contractors. An overview of the main changes is given in page 2 of this standard practice document. This new...
Posted on 2021-12-09 03:20

The New Pipeline Operators Forum Website.

The Pipeline Operators website has been rebuilt from the ground up. The website is a responsive design (RWD) to work efficiently with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones as well as desktop computers. The site is structured in two area...
Posted on 2014-09-27 05:38